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Solano Healthy Soils

A forum for sustainable soil management in Solano County, California

Workshop participants install a native plant hedgerow at Cloverleaf Farm in Dixon

Why is everyone talking about Healthy Soils?

It is no secret that healthy soil is critical to healthy crops.  But in recent years the ecological benefits of healthy soils—such as carbon sequestration and groundwater re-charge—have become more widely recognized, and policy makers at both the state and federal levels have emphasized the importance of soil management through cost-share programs for management practices that build healthy soils.  Solano Healthy Soils, and the Demonstration Site at Wild Oaks Vineyard, are a product of these programs.

What can I find on the Solano Healthy Soils website?

This site is intended to house information on management practices that build healthy soils, with specific reference to operations in Solano County.  Check here for information on:

  • Upcoming events including seminars, workshops, CEU opportunities, and volunteer days  

  • Regular blog posts on happenings at Wild Oak Vineyards, a Healthy Soils Demonstration site in Suisun Valley

  • Details on Best Management Practices for building soil health

  • Information on available cost sharing programs

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