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Perennial Cover Crop Seeded!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The field managers at Wild Oak seeded the perennial cover crop mix on November 6, 2020. The goals for this cover crop were:

· To outcompete weeds

· To increase soil organic matter and carbon sequestration

· To increase storm water infiltration in the winter months

· To provide habitat for pollinators and other wildlife

· To create an aesthetically pleasing farmscape

The seed mix was selected in consultation the Wild Oak field manager and was purchased from LeBallisters in Santa Rosa.

The mix consisted of:

  • 300 lbs “Vineyard Special,” a mix of blando brome, crimson clover, rose clover and zorro fescue

  • 30 lbs of “Insectary Seed Mix,” a mix of Persian clover, coriander, baby’s breath, CA poppy, CA blue bell, Chinese houses, white yarrow, love-in-a-mist, rose clover, crimson clover, dwarf batchelor button

  • Lupin seed was also added to the mix

This mix was selected to include a diverse mix of species that will produce flowers for pollinators, fix nitrogen available to the grapevines, and contribute significant organic matter to the soil.

Please join us for a webinar in March 2021 (date/time TBD) where we will focus on the benefits of cover crops, and the decision to install perennial species at this site.

We look forward to watching this mix germinate and grow!

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